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office space for lease DOWNTOWN montreal
There are more than 80 million square feet for lease in the Greater Montreal Area

Available office space for lease in Montreal varies from 1,000 to 225,000 square feet

Prices: $10.00 à $55.00 a square foot (annual)



Nous gardons l'oeuil ouvert pour les vraies opportunités de sous-location
Parce que plusieurs autres sous-locations sont de nature confidentielle, vous devez appeler pour l'information.

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You can take advantage of someone else's space problem. As you know, we're in the age of downsizing and rightsizing -- and that means some empty office space. Subleasing will always be one of the best sources of discounted office space. We can help you get discounts of 25% and more.We can't guarantee you that you will save 25-50% of the rental rate...We guarantee we will work on your behalf.

Ask for the list of available space in your sector.
We work for you.
We don't work on both sides of the fence. because we represent only tenants, not landlords.
All brokers have access to the same listings and thereby, a broker's edge derives from how he or she uses the listing.
By asking you just the right questions about your wants and needs.
We know exactly what to look for.
Read about our satisfied clients. . .we've been in commercial real estate since 1980.
We know how to negotiate a good transaction for you.
Call now for your list of availablilities 514.839.0608.
Henri Cousineau.
Chartered Real Estate Broker.
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