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Henri Cousineau
Chartered Real Estate Broker

Chartered Real Estate Broker

Office and Industrial Warehouse space for lease

Your partners in real estate since 1980

Your lease is expiring soon and you want the best conditions.


But you don't know where to go and...where to start


You want to avoid all these 
l o n g   a n d   t i r e s o m e  steps of searching 
for buildings,  
disappointing visits, 
interminable negotiations...
to try to compare gross leases with net-net or triple-net leases...  



You want to save time!.

What if you could find, all in one place, a company that does all of this for you ?

Well... Stop... And relax now, you just did !  

We will do all the work for you and much more.

Here is part of all we can do for you...


Free Real Estate Brokerage Services


We select the best sites
among more than 80 million square feet available in the Greater Montreal area. 

We negotiate for you with the owner and obtain the conditions you want for your office or warehouse space.

Furthermore , we make sure that you are totally  and completely satisfied totally  and completely satisfied with your new office or warehouse space.

Why more and more companies  like your's decide to retain our services.

Because  our services are free for you the tenant.

It's the owners that pay our fees as commonly accepted in the Real Estate Industry. 

Because  you save time and money.  
Henri Cousineau and his team takes care of the canvassing, the initial visits and you get on a silver platter a comprehensive list of available space for lease for you to choose from.
Because  we negotiate for you.
So you benefit from more than twenty years experience in commercial leasing and acquisitions.. While a tenant negotiates one lease every five years, we negotiate one every day and we're always on the lookout for great opportunities.

Our references

Because  we are there for you.

Click here to read 
from our satisfied clients 

If we don't answer your call the same day, the lunch is on us. We will answer all your questions promptly.
Who we are.

The company is directed by Henri Cousineau, Chartered Real Estate Broker.
With more than thirty years experience in Real Estate, we have an authentic team of specialists that will assist you.
Together we will find the office or warehouse space that best suit you and make your move the smoothest possible. 
  Our pledge to you.

Because  we represent YOU the tenant. We are the tenant's broker.
Often, during transactions, the tenant feels that  the landlord  is in control of the situation.

Because you are our client, we negotiate for you.

Because we like  you like what we are doing.
You want to make sure that you obtain all of what you asked for. Then our mission finishes well after you have moved. Our team will meet you once you have moved in your new premises in order to make sure of your comfort and that your requests have been filled.

Ask us for our comparative grid of available spaces.
Whether you're seeking space in Montreal, Laval, West-Island on the South-Shore or in Asia, you will choose among an impressive list of available office or warehouse space. for lease
Furthermore, if you want office or warehouse space outside of the metropolitan area of Montreal, we will put  you in contact with our correspondents throughout the world.

The choice is really your's ...
Your lease is expiring, you want to move or you just want to compare the conditions of your current lease with the economic reality of the market (the conditions may have changed since the signature of your last lease), you now have a decision to make:

Do yourself all the innumerable steps...
finding the available spaces,
calling for prices, 
meeting all those  agents and owners
visiting for nothing, 
negotiating with the owner's agent  ...
and do all that work again... 




But do you really have all that time ?

Or just Stop...

 take a deep breath... and relax now! 

Just call us now because we do everything for you
I want someone to call me

Here are the steps... and it's as simple as 1-2-3


1- Pre-selection
We evaluate together your needs and select the sites according to your exact criterias.
2- Selection
You select among the proposed sites (with floor plans and pictures) the ones that you want to visit at your convenience
3- Offers to lease and negotiation
We  prepare the offers and negotiate the conditions that you want.
And all of this is COMPLETELY FREE!
Because we're paid by the owners of the buildings
Montreal: 514-839.0608   

Whether you want to save on the price of your lease, obtain the best conditions, you realize that you don't feel like searching for yourself or just take the easy and efficient way to to business, call us now. 
We make sure that you are totally satisfied because we're your broker...we represent you, the tenant...and we guarantee it !
We work hard at what we do so that you can be even better at what you're already doing.
You can not not win...can't you not.

I want someone to call me

Montreal: 514.839.0608      

Please call because we're updating our website

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Hire us as your exclusive tenant representative.
We are solely concentrated on your office space search.
We take only mandates from tenants.
All agents have the same listings and thereby, an agent's edge comes from how he or she uses the information.

We take the time to ask you the right questions.
We know exactly what to look for.
We've helped people like you since 1980.
While a tenant negotiates one lease every three to five years, we negotiate one every day...we're always on the lookout for good opportunities.

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